AAHA Accreditation at Partners Veterinary Group

At Partners Veterinary Group, we pride ourselves on delivering exceptional veterinary care through our network of animal hospitals in Illinois, South Carolina, North Carolina, Florida, and beyond. Our commitment to excellence is reflected in the American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA) accreditation of our practices, and our ongoing efforts to achieve this prestigious status for our emerging new practices. We believe that excellence should be the standard in veterinary medicine and want every Partners Animal Hospital patient and client to experience that excellence firsthand.

AAHA Accreditation: Why It Matters

The American Animal Hospital Association sets the bar for quality veterinary care. Unlike human hospitals, animal hospitals do not require accreditation to serve their patients and clients. AAHA accreditation is voluntary and involves rigorous, top-to-bottom evaluations of the practices. This accreditation signifies a hospital's commitment to excellence in every aspect of veterinary care, from patient care and pain management to team training and medical record-keeping.

The AAHA Accreditation Process

Becoming AAHA accredited is no small feat. The process involves:

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  • Comprehensive Evaluation

    Animal hospitals undergo a detailed evaluation based on approximately 900 standards that encompass all aspects of veterinary care. This includes anesthesia and monitoring, vaccinations, customer service, record keeping, sterilization techniques, and handling of controlled substances.

  • On-site Inspections

    AAHA representatives conduct thorough on-site inspections of accredited practices every few years to ensure the hospital's adherence to these standards.

  • Ongoing Assessments

    Accredited hospitals must undergo regular re-evaluations to make sure they continue to meet AAHA's high and evolving standards.

The Benefits of AAHA Accreditation for Pets and Their Owners

AAHA accreditation benefits pets and their owners in several ways:

  • High-Quality Care

    Accredited hospitals adhere to the highest standards of veterinary excellence, ensuring your pet receives top-tier care (and you receive outstanding service).

  • Confidence and Trust

    Knowing your pet's hospital is AAHA accredited gives you peace of mind, so you know that you and your pet are in capable hands.

  • Advanced Treatment Options

    AAHA-accredited hospitals like ours stay updated with the latest advancements in veterinary medicine, offering innovative treatments and techniques.

  • Continual Improvement

    AAHA hospitals are committed to continuous improvement, consistently enhancing the care they provide.

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Find Out More About AAHA

For more information about the American Animal Hospital Association and what it means for your pet's care, please visit the AAHA website. This is an educational resource for both pet owners and veterinary professionals.

At Partners Veterinary Group, we’re dedicated to supporting veterinary excellence. Our focus on AAHA accreditation reflects our commitment to our affiliated hospitals and helping them deliver top-notch care for your pets.