Inspiring and Preparing Future Veterinary Professionals

At Partners Veterinary Group, we use every opportunity to educate and inspire the next generation of veterinary professionals. Through vet school speaking engagements, we can reach more students and motivate them to work towards becoming successful practice owners. The future of veterinary medicine is bright, and we aim to prepare vet students and young vet associates for the journey ahead by sharing fundamental veterinary business and medical insights.

"I have gained a lot from this rotation. Not only do I now possess the knowledge to become a practice owner and manage personal finances, but I have the confidence. Seeing successful people in our field tell their stories (both successes and failures) has very much inspired me and made me feel that I can do this too."


"I feel like I learned so much from you and all of the lecturers. Prior to this week, I was not sure if I wanted to become a business owner, but this week has solidified my decision to pursue this goal."


About Dr. Joe Whalen

Dr Joe Whalen

Partners Animal Hospital owner Dr. Joe Whalen graduated from The University of Illinois College of Veterinary Medicine in 1991, and has been an owner and partner of LePar Animal Hospital since 1995. In 2014, Dr. Whalen co-founded Companion Animal Partners with Drs. Scott Petereit and Dan Markwalder, and it expanded into 11 locations before being sold to MVP in 2021.

Dr. Whalen has been a member of Veterinary Management Group since 2010, and he meets bi-annually with the organization to discuss important veterinary business topics. He serves as Guest Lecturer at the University of Illinois for veterinary medicine business classes, and is a VBMA speaker for the following universities:

  • University of Illinois
  • University of Wisconsin
  • Purdue University
  • University of Minnesota
  • Lincoln Memorial University
  • Virginia Maryland College of Veterinary Medicine
  • NC State
  • Mississippi State
  • Iowa State
  • St. George's
  • UC Davis

Each year, Dr. Whalen provides insight on the path to practice ownership for new graduates. He presents tried and true methods that have allowed many young veterinarians to become owners. Dr. Whalen has a unique ability to relate to students, and is routinely ranked as one of the best instructors in the VBMA clubs.

"What I love most about vet med is helping young doctors realize their career goals by opening a practice. I want to put 100 vets into ownership. Partners Veterinary Group has the ideal team in place to make this happen!"

-Dr. Joe Whalen

Lecture Topics

Dr. Whalen covers an assortment of topics in his lectures, including:

  • Your 5-Year Plan to Financial Success Starts Today

    In this presentation, he lays out a plan for veterinary students and young associates to set themselves up for future practice ownership.

  • What We Wish We Knew in Vet School: Advice from 20 of Your Future Colleagues

    This presentation compiles comments from 20 practicing veterinarians.

  • How to Find the Ideal First Job

    This presentation discusses why this is important and explains how to start your job search. Listeners also receive helpful resume and interview tips.

  • The Profit of One More

    A short 15-minute presentation on what all good practice owners realize—that the profit of a little extra effort yields tremendous gains.

  • How to Start a Practice

    In this talk, aspiring practice owners learn about who they need to turn to for help, and what’s involved in the process of starting a practice.

  • Why You Should Embrace Veterinary Practice Ownership

    A video presentation featuring words of wisdom from veterinary practice owners.