Externship Opportunities

Externship Opportunities
  • Get a practicing doctor mentor for the entire externship
  • Work alongside experienced doctors for 20 hours a week
  • Additional 20 hours to be spent in any and all hospitals based on your interests in:
    • Surgery
    • Holistic Medicine and Techniques
    • Oncology
    • Dental
    • Management
    • Or others!
  • Free housing available
  • $299 weekly stipend
  • We take any year student enrolled in a vet program

Externships will take place in Evergreen Park, IL. More opportunities in West Loop, Chicago; Charlotte, North Carolina; and Sarasota, Florida are coming soon.

"I have gained a lot from this rotation. Not only do I now possess the knowledge to become a practice owner and manage personal finances, but I have the confidence. Seeing successful people in our field tell their stories (both successes and failures) has very much inspired me and made me feel that I can do this too."


"I feel like I learned so much from you and all of the lecturers. Prior to this week, I was not sure if I wanted to become a business owner, but this week has solidified my decision to pursue this goal."


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Use the form below to submit your application. For more information, contact Sylvia Olechno, HR Manager, at sylvia@partnersvet.com.